Periodic Table


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Common Core Content Activity: Periodic Table

Periodic Table: The students will learn about the first 18 Elements of the Periodic Table. They will explore the Bohr Models, identify Elements by their properties and Bohr Model. The students will use the Periodic Table during every lesson in this unit to familiarize them as much as possible with it. The students are provided a differentiated Periodic Table with pictures of objects made out of the Element. Lesson plans are included for each activity.

Each activity is completed on two different levels for differentiated instruction.
This unit includes an answer key, vocabulary cards and bulletin board pictures.

Plus a power point to go along with the day 2 activity.

Lesson & Activities Description
1 Pretest Periodic Table
2 Introduction Power Point and Introduction Activity
3 Application 1 Drawing Bohr Models
4 Application 2 Mystery Element
5 Application 3 Groups and Periods
6 Application 4 States of Matter
7 Review Understanding the Periodic Table
8 Posttest Periodic Table

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