Common Core Content Activity: Ecology

Ecology: The students learn about the levels of organization in our
environment. They will also be able to distinguish between living and non-living things. Another purpose of this unit is for the students to understand the concepts of food chains and food webs. Furthermore the students will have a better understanding on what they can do in their lives to reduce pollution and decrease global warming. Lesson plans are included for each activity.

Each activity is completed on two different levels for differentiated instruction.

Plus a power point to go along with the day 2 activity.

Lesson & Activities Description
1 Pretest Ecology
2 Introduction Power Point and Introduction Activity
3 Application 1 Levels of Organization
4 Application 2 Living and Non-Living Things
5 Application 3 Food Chain/Food Web
6 Application 4 Human Impact on the Environment
7 Review Understanding Ecology
8 Posttest Ecology

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