Avery-Adam Reading Stories


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The Avery-Adam Reading Stories

These are short stories. Each story is approximately 6 pages in length with 2-3 sentences per page. The story includes a short 5 question quiz, story sequencing, vocabulary cards for matching, and a cloze activity using the vocabulary words.

Avery Stories:

  1. Avery Goes to Work
  2. Avery Goes to Class
  3. Avery Goes Shopping
  4. Avery Goes out with Friends
  5. Avery Needs Groceries
  6. Avery Invites Friends Over

Adam Stories:

  1. Adam Goes to Work
  2. Adam Goes to Class
  3. Adam Goes out with his Buddy
  4. Adam Needs Groceries
  5. Adam Invites Friends Over

YouTube video weblink: Avery-Adam Series

THIS IS A SINGLE USE LICENSE. ITEMS ARE NOT TO BE REDISTRIBUTED. ONLY THE BUYER MAY USE THESE MATERIALS. Activities are self explanitory and do not include lesson plans.

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