Maximum Ride: Schools-Out Forever Comprehension Quizzes


Reading/Listening Comprehension
Maximum Ride: Schools-Out Forever by: James Patterson

This activity is designed to be a reading/listening comprehension assignment. It comes with quizzes on both Dimension A and B levels. Plus a bonus "Alternate B" for student with more severe disabilities. The activity comes with different quizzes. (The quizzes cover more than one chapter, since most chapters are very short.) The Dimension A quizzes have 10 questions with three possible answers per question. The Dimension B quizzes have 6 questions with three possible answers per question. The Alternate B consists of six pictures that are placed in front of the student while the story is being read. The student then places the pictures in order after the listening to the story.

This activity does NOT come with the story/book. The book needs to be purchased separately.

Price and Willoughby, LLC is not responsible for the content of the book. Please read it before reading to your students to ensure appropriateness for your students' needs.

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