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We have recently updated/corrected:

  • Communicate Real Experiences HS
  • Communicate Real Experiences MS
  • Periodic Table (answer key, vocabulary cards, bulletin board pictures) updated 1/8/13
  • Real Life Math (added "extra" activities to meet the requirements for the math standard: Rational Numbers with Four Operations) updated 12/28/12
  • Ecology (answer key and bulletin board) updated 3/22/13
  • Theme HS (added bulletin board, answer key, vocabulary cards, work folder and practice assessment)
  • Newton's Laws (corrections and added an answer key and vocabulary cards)-updated 1/8/13
  • Central Idea MS (corrections/typos) updated 10/8/12
  • Add and Subtract Multi Decimals MS (typos/corrections/power point) updated 10/30/12
  • Slope MS (changes to lesson 7 A & B, bulletin board and vocabulary words added) updated 10/13/12
  • Positive and Negative Numbers MS (typos/corrections in each lesson) updated 10/21/12
  • Linear Equations MS (bulletin board & vocabulary words) updated 10/13/12
  • Ratio and Percent MS (corrections/typos) updated 10/14/12
  • Author's Purpose with Rhetoric HS (corrections, page numbers added to both dimensions, bulletin board, vocabulary words, answer key, work folder & practice assessment) updated 10/14/12
  • Figurative Language Literature MS (bulletin board and lesson 2 corrections) updated 10/30/12
  • Characters HS (added page numbers and answer key)
  • Gravity (added "extra activities," answer key, bulletin board, vocabulary cards separated, page numbers to both dimensions) updated 12/2/12
  • Histograms and Dot Plots (corrections and added: answer key, bulletin board, vocabulary cards, bulletin board pages, practice assessment) updated 12/14/12
  • Scale and Origin (corrections to power point) updated 1/6/13
  • Meiosis (answer key, bulletin board) updated 1/8/13
  • Rounding Numbers (format updated, answer key, bulletin board, work folders, vocab cards, practice assessment) updated 5/6/13
  • Scale Drawing (correction made to lesson 6) updated 5/10/13
  • Graphing Equations (added bulletin board and answer key) updated 5/10/13

As corrections are made, we will list them here. If you want to download the corrected material, contact Erica or Christina. We will update your account to allow the downloads! Keep the corrections coming!!!

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