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New Team Member Needed!

SpecialEdSimplified is looking for a teacher who has been using or is familiar with our curriculum and how it is used and implemented in the classroom.

For additional information contact us at [email protected]

Coin Recognition Part 1

This is a simple activity to teach coin recognition skills. This unit is designed to bridge the gap between using coins and starting worksheets.
The unit is set up to use ‘fake’ coins with velcro that attach to laminated print outs! Download it from our Freebies section!

Career Readiness


We have created six mini units to work on teaching the much needed skills on how to obtain and maintain a job! The unit includes the titles:

  1. A Job for Me
  2. Applying for a Job
  3. Personal Appearance and Behavior at Work
  4. Keeping Your Job
  5. Basic Work/Academic Skills
  6. Job Safety
We use SymbolStix pictures for prompting and a Level /Level 2 system for differentiated instruction. Plus, these lessons include activities to follow along with on your Smartboard! Click on the link below to view the product.

Adapted Books!

It can be difficult finding age appropriate books for older students. Sometimes it is easier to create your own, so that is just what we did! SES has created a mini series using large, colorful pictures developed for middle and high school students. The books can be used as informational or pleasure reading. They could also be used when working on comprehension. The titles include:
  1. Famous Artists
  2. Instruments
  3. Famous Presidents
  4. Famous Writers
  5. Geography
  6. Planets
  7. Plants

View an informational video on our YouTube channel!

Adapted Books

Amazon Gift Card Give Aways!

Thanks to those that participated in our survey for AAAF audit scores! We appreciate everyone sharing their results with us! Watch the newsletter for tips and suggestions for the AAAF.

Congrats to Teri from Elizabethtown, Ashley from Powell County, Kathy from Jessamine County, Angie from Knox County and Tyler from Pike County! Each of these won a $50 Amazon gift card!

If you have any questions, contact Erica or Christina!

YouTube and SpecialEdSimplified!

SpecialEdSimplified has started to create YouTube videos to preview some of the items available to purchase on our website! Click on the link below to view our videos!


New Item: Mystery of the Missing Pencils

New ItemCheck out our newest addition to the website! This is a 10 chapter book written with middle school students in mind but would work with high school as well. Each chapter is approximately 10 pages or less using an enlarged font (24 point Arial). Students can listen the chapters using a compatible reading software for the epub version that is included and/or follow along with the pdf as the teacher reads the story. Students will complete activities that address multiple standards while working on this book. If you have any questions, leet us know!

Update on the High School Bundle

Kentucky teachers: Please note that the old science standards have been removed from the High School Alternate Assessment Bundle. The writing standards have been added to this bundle. The previous bundle had 17 standards. The new bundle has 18 standards, so there is a price increase.

Kentucky Teachers-AAAF

As you are putting the final touches on your AAAF’s, we have a suggestion. Keeping in mind that the SpecialEdSimplified materials are not a stand alone curriculum, we do recommend using lesson 7 (if you use our products for your AAAF) for the student work sample. It brings the unit together and covers more of the standard.

If you have any questions or suggestions for other teachers, please post them here!

Autism Awareness Coupon

Just a reminder, order from now until the end of the month and receive 15% off of your purchase. Use the coupon code ‘Awareness.’

Communicate Real Experiences for High School

This unit has went through corrections and minor updates. If you need your account reset in order to download this activity, let us know!


Pinterest ideas!

We have started a Pinterest site. Check us out and see some of our free items available!

National Children’s Dental Health Month

February has been declared National Children’s Dental Health Month. In order to celebrate this event, n2y created some different pages using SymbolStix supports. Download their pages from their Pinterest site!
Dental Health Pages

Branches of Government

To all my high school teachers: I have just completed a pre/posttest for the branches of government core content standard we are required to teach in KY this semester for Alternate Assessment. It is only the test. No other activities. I am using the Unique Learning System Activities on the Branches of Government to teach the material. If you are interested in the test, message me and I will email it to you!

Elementary School Bundle 2nd Set

It’s Here!

The second set of elementary standards are expected to be complete by the first of January! This bundle will include 16 standards and will cost $469.60. For more information contact Erica or Christina or click on the link below!

Elementary School Bundle 2nd Set