Our Method

SpecialEdSimplified uses a method that every teacher is familiar with and uses on an everyday basis – scaffolding. Scaffolding provides maximum support when concepts and skills are first introduced to students. These supports are then gradually removed as students develop autonomous learning strategies. Teachers help the students to master concepts by providing support through outlines, storyboards, pictures, key questions, modified texts, etc. All materials created and designed by SpecialEdSimplified use Symbolstix symbols for maximum support and continuity.

SpecialEdSimplified also uses differentiated instruction. We provide students with different ways to acquire a skill or content. Our fully developed teaching materials enable all students to learn effectively regardless of their ability level. In order to accommodate all students, our curriculum is designed in two different dimensions – A and B.

  • Dimension A
    Student uses verbal or written words, signs, Braille, or language-based augmentative systems to request, initiate, and respond to questions, describe things or events, and express refusal. The student uses intentional communication, but not at a symbolic language level: Student uses understandable communication through such modes as gestures, pictures, objects/textures, points, etc. to clearly express a variety of intentions.
  • Dimension B
    Student communicates primarily through cries, facial expressions, change in muscle tone but no clear use of objects/textures, regularized gestures, pictures, signs, etc. to communicate. The student alerts to sensory input from another person but requires actual physical assistance to follow simple directions

All units are designed in a similar manner to provide the teacher with a simple and transparent outline to cover the common core content activities step-by-step.

Lesson # Activity
1 Pretest/Posttest
2 Introduction
3 Application 1
4 Application 2
5 Application 3
6 Application 4
7 Review
8 Pretest/Posttest
9 Pretest/Posttest
10 Pretest/Posttest

The pre/posttest of every unit is the same in order to measure student progress and growth accurately. It is suggested to administer the posttest three days in a row in order to eliminate the chance of a student having a “bad” day.

To make the curriculum more meaningful to the student body, SpecialEdSimplified tries to incorporate student friendly real life examples and applications. The more a student is able to identify and transfer the knowledge learned to his respectively her own life, the higher the chances that the student will understand and retain the content learned.