Q: Do you accept purchase orders? How do I take care of tax exempt information?
A: Yes we do accept purchase orders. When ordering any activity with a purchase order, you will need to go through the normal checkout process and choose your payment method as “purchase order.” Then you will need to fax in the purchase order to 1-888-482-3210. All orders will show tax until a tax exempt form is faxed in to SpecialEdSimplified. We will then remove the taxes and invoice your school.

Q: What do I do, if a student does not understand Lesson 3, do I move on anyway?
A: The set up created by SpecialEdSimplified is to be used as a guide. If the teacher sees that several students do not understand some of the content presented, go back and repeat the lesson. Since the lessons build upon each other, it is important for the students to understand each step of the way before moving on.

Q: How do I know what grade level units are designed for?
A: Any unit can be used for any grade level, if the teacher believes that it is appropriate content for their student body. Some middle school students may be working at a higher level than others and therefore need more challenging materials than their peers. The materials are designed for a certain grade band due to federal standards but can be used as determined by the teacher.

Q: I am having trouble downloading the activities. What do I do?

A: Log back into your account on the website. Click on “my account.” (This button is across the top of the page.) Then click on “download.”

Q: Do I need a special software product to download/use the materials?
A: No. All materials are in a PDF format. Your computer does need to have an Adobe Reader. This is a free download at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.

Q: I have reached the maximum amount of times I can download the activities, but I cannot get the one on my computer to open. Can I get another download?
A: Yes. Simply contact either Erica or Christina, and we will reset another download for you.

Q: Do any of the units have prerequisite skills? How will I know?

A. Some of the units do have prerequisite skills. If a unit does have prerequisite skills, it is noted on the bottom of the description page on the website.

Q: What is errorless learning?
A. Errorless learning is a teaching method used for acquisition of new skills. The teacher delivers the question(s) and then immediately prompts the correct response and praises the student. The same question may then be asked again, so the student can attempt to give the correct answer. If the student answers correctly, much praise and reinforcement is given. The teacher can then move on. If the student begins to answer incorrectly, the teacher will then prompt again. The teacher will then usually move on to other objectives but will return to the missed objective to try for an independent response.