KDE AAAF Audit of folders

Are you a KY FMD/MSD teacher that had to submit a AAAF during the 2013-2014 school year for audit? If so, we would like to see your reflections/suggestions from KDE. We only want their suggestions, not student names. We will be drawing for five $50 Amazon gift cards for those that send us a copy of their reflections. Please email all to sales@priceandwilloughby.com or complete a survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6TQMDSS


2 comments on “KDE AAAF Audit of folders
  1. Angie Farmer says:

    7th grade reading St. 4- gave full credit; sample only focuses on changes of character. Should identify plot, setting and how they could impact change.

    7th grade math-VERY GOOD MATH SAMPLES!!

    7th grade science-very good examples; lot was ways to share the impact we are seeing.

    Score of 8-Excellent

    8th grade reading-St. 4-partial credit; looked more at supporting details.

    8th grade math-all standards aligned; samples were provided

    8th grade writing-St. 1 Real experiences; relative to student. Sample did not capture full content of standard (partial credit)

    8th grade writing-St. 3-captured the components to address a writing piece, however did not produce a sample; partial credit. (I did not put the writing piece in the AAAF. It was in their working folder)

    8th gr. writing-St. 4-wiritng piece being developed would show planning, revising, editing and re-writing. This sample recalled components more than demonstrated what standard looked at. (Gave partial credit for purpose and audience).

    Score of 6-Good.

    **I made a habit of putting Lesson 5 from each standard in the AAAF. I just chose to put the same lesson number from each standard so that I would know what if a lesson was missing from their working folder. I think that is a reason that most of my comments involved not capturing the full standard. This year I am using Lesson 7-the review. This should cover everything that taught in that standard.

    • Erica Price says:

      I have added your name to the drawing! Thanks for sending the information. Overall, it looks like you scored very well. Another lady told me she had not included the powerpoint the student created nor the completed research paper and lost points as well. Although, she taught high school. Did you have any issues with that?