Update on the High School Bundle

Kentucky teachers: Please note that the old science standards have been removed from the High School Alternate Assessment Bundle. The writing standards have been added to this bundle. The previous bundle had 17 standards. The new bundle has 18 standards, so there is a price increase.

10 comments on “Update on the High School Bundle
  1. Tracy Kelly says:

    I purchased the high school bundle over a year ago. I stopped receiving emails when our school system updated their email server. The purchase order was from Greenup County High School.

    Thank you

    • Erica Price says:

      Tracy I have reset your account to allow you access to the materials. You can log in, click on your account and redownload any activity. We note all updates on the blog page on our website. You may want to look through that. I also checked our newsletter addresses and you are still listed. If you are not receiving this from us, your school server may be sending it to spam. The last newsletter went out on August 6th, in case you want to look back in your spam box. From there you can add it to your inbox and set it up so it no longer goes to spam. If you need anything else or have questions, let me or Christina know. Thanks!

  2. nina.poe says:

    I am terribly sorry that I did not download my updates and every link expired on August 11, 2014. Can you please reset just one more time. I have ordered all of the High School curriculum..

    Thank you so much and this time as soon as I get your email saying the links are available, I will download immediately. I am sorry that I have put you through this.

  3. virginia McGregor says:

    When will you have something available for the new Science Statements. We received them yesterday.

    • Erica Price says:

      We were so excited to receive those yesterday! Christina has already started work on these activities. We are beginning with high school and will then work to the others. It is a long process, and we do not have an anticipated release date yet. We will keep everyone posted through the newsletters and the blog. I cannot wait to use it with my students!

      • Vicky Barker says:

        Can you let me know when you have some of the updated new Science standards? Thank you!

        • Erica Price says:

          We have already started working on the new science standards. We are starting with the high school first and will then move to the other grade levels. As soon as they are ready, we will make sure everyone knows! Thanks for checking!

  4. Virginia mcgregor says:

    They will be a challenge.

    • Erica Price says:

      We have already consulted with some science teachers and started work on the new science standards. The set up will be different from our previous science activities in order to meet the requirements. I think everyone will be pleased once they are finished!