Branches of Government

To all my high school teachers: I have just completed a pre/posttest for the branches of government core content standard we are required to teach in KY this semester for Alternate Assessment. It is only the test. No other activities. I am using the Unique Learning System Activities on the Branches of Government to teach the material. If you are interested in the test, message me and I will email it to you!

9 comments on “Branches of Government
  1. Jessica Boone says:

    I am interested in the branches of government test. Thanks!

  2. Karen Saylor says:

    I would like to view the branches of government test you created. Thanks

  3. Beth Atherton says:

    I just received your email about the pre/post test for the branches of government alternate assessment. Our district has purchased every bundle for each grade level from your company. I would be very interested in receiving any instructional units and assessments that are developed for the high school social studies standards.

    Thank you for continuing to develop assessments and teaching units. They are very much appreciated. It helps tremendously to not have to re-invent the wheel each year.

    Beth Atherton

  4. Caitlyn Sullivan says:

    I am interested in viewing the social studies test. Thanks!

  5. Barbara Storms says:

    I am interested in your social studies standards. I also need to get the keys for the science components. I purchased the science and writing and reading and math from you. I downloaded the units, but did not get the keys. One of my order numbers was #588, I will have to look up the other one.
    Thank you.